Our Fall Nature Table

This is our second year at keeping a seasonal nature table. This is our set up for Fall this year. Every day, this table changes as we add new or replace old nature treasures we find on our daily walks.

What is a nature table? It is a special and dedicated place in your home, usually a small table, that reflects the beauty of the changing seasons. Your children can collect natural objects in your backyard, around your neighborhood, or at the park that they feel represents the day to place on the table. You may also craft with natural materials to display alongside objects you find.

Our two betta fish, Peter (blue), and Ponyo (red) are new additions to our nature table, so we had to make room for them in our small table. Ramona and I made trees from sticks we found in our backyard, some white clay for extra texture on the trunks, and fall-colored wool felt for the leaves.

Here is my almost 4yo talking about the different elements in her Fall nature table

Because this table changes daily, it can clutter fast. Make some space for new treasures by replacing some of the old ones or by rearranging. You can pick just one or two of your best nature treasures daily, and the rest of the cool finds can be used for decoration elsewhere in the house.

Keep this space sacred and intentional. Try not to mix any or too many objects made with unnatural materials, such as polyester or plastic.

This is a fantastic practice to start with little ones. It teaches them to observe their surroundings, the changing seasons, and to recreate what they see inside their home, in this space, with intention. They can practice stewardship, because this nature table is like having their own miniature woodlands they will build and and tend to every day, all year round.

Here are some beautiful examples of fall nature tables you can look through to get inspired!

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