Our DIY Fall Naked Tipi & Autumn Leaf Garland

DIY Fall Autumn Naked Tipi for Outdoors

Before I found out that naked tipis were a trend, I built this outdoor tipi with just some junk dowels my father-in-law were about to throw away, some scrap rope, and a power drill. I had never used a power drill before that day, and this was a really easy project to use it on! I can understand why men love their power tools. It was truly invigorating to drill holes so effortlessly! It gives you so much more room and energy to think about the creative aspects of your task at hand.

DIY Fall Autumn Leaf Garland Sewn Dried Leaves Together

We also made leaf garlands with just dried leaves strung together with some beige colored string and fall-colored yarn. Last year, we just improvised and used sticks as our “needles.” This year, I actually had some kid-friendly yarn needles to use on them. It was a lot easier for sure but less adventurous, and less… “earthy.”

We put these leaf garlands both inside and outside the house, including our tipi. They are behind chairs, across the walls, doors, you name it. It’s a great busy activity to do with your little one(s) to cover your whole house in leaves for the fall! They are easy to take down since the leaves are strung together.

Besides dried leaves, we also gathered a bunch of fallen sticks from our yard and tied them together to make them look like little broom sticks. We added a bunch just outside our door where the guard rails were. They don’t have to be witch’s broom sticks if you’re not celebrating Halloween. They could just be regular broom sticks! I personally love my broom and use it more often than the vacuum cleaner.

Fall is my favorite season for decorating. I probably like it more than Christmas, simply because you can use the foliage all around you and materials you already have at hand. It’s hard to pull off Christmas decorating without buying anything.

Teaching our children with these kinds of projects, using what you have around you and seeing everything as a valuable tool to solve problems and to create is an invaluable lesson. Not everything has to be bought or made by someone else. There’s an inherent joy in the creation process. There’s also that sense of stewardship in what you make, because you know its value is priceless. If something breaks, you know can probably make it again. You can improvise until you make it better the next time.

What do you love about Fall decor?

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