Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Since I’m posting this the day after, yesterday was filled with crafts, stories (including the Trinity), homemade shamrock shakes and key lime pie and other green food!

Celebrating the changing of seasons and holidays no matter where we are, with people or in isolation, keeps our spirits lifted high. Even if the whole world is in chaos due to the Coronavirus, our internal lives can remain steady and calm.

I think celebrations like these are needed more than ever, to have something to look forward to without having to count the days of being quarantined or in isolation. Holidays force us to break the norm, stop what we’re doing, and to do something with intention, not unlike this pandemic. Just like this pandemic, holidays may be best used to see how they affect our inner lives and not just our outer lives. It may be God’s way of slowing us down, literally and figuratively, because we are always on the run. Being fast is only good when we have time to reflect.

It’s hard not be able to enjoy the things we personally normally enjoy. It might be different for others. For us, it’s going to our forest school, eating out, seeing friends, church, and family freely in person or even having ample supply of food at our local grocery stores. I am thankful however that God prepared us to know what to do with homeschooling, working from home, and that we are having a home birth, because these things are more than ever becoming a reality for those who never thought of it before due to this crisis. 

This situation seems to force all of us to rethink about our habits, our conveniences, our normal way of living and to see other plausible alternatives to it. It seems that this pandemic is both a blessing and a curse. Just like anything else, it can be used for good. It is very difficult, especially when most of us are not gaining more money because of restrictions, and people within our area are ill or dying. It’s hard not to lose our cool with all the changes we have to make. Isolation makes people miserable, and the Internet can either inform or make us crazy.

I see this as our spirit that is being tested more than anything, not our bodies.

Stay safe, mindful, and prayerful! Looking forward to Spring, Easter, and baby#2!


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